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Jan 28, 2013 6:00pm PST
. >> and it's futuristic. >> i think it will allow you to have more access to your environment. you're never realizing what is around you if you do, you might spot sergio wearing the glasses. >> we have him on a subway we're sitting opposite a serious big data geek on the train. >> it looks like a public relations plan as every tech company seems to be working on glasses google is working on a reason for to you buy theirs. >> what kept everybody from commercializing this is figuringing oit secret sauce that would make ordinary users wanted to wear these things. >> coming up next, a supreme court justice revealing secrets from the past. >> introduction to witch craft. >> people understood what my purpose was in writing about it. that everybody has a >>> supreme court justice sot sotomayor told a crowd in san francisco her key to success. her rise from a bronx house prog jekt to highest court in the country is the subject of her new book. abc 7 news was at her book signing this afternoon. justice sotomayor came to talk about her journey as described in the new book. my beloved world. >>
Jan 24, 2013 6:00pm PST
oakland or any urban environment. >> national rifle association reresponded today with this statement. it's disappointing but not surprised she's focused on curtailing the constitution instead of prosecutin prosecuting -- prosecuting criminals or fixing our broken mental health sis tismt howard jordan responded. >> for me, i think they need to get, just get a reality check about what is happening on the streets. what impact of the weapons is causing to the community so they can protect our citizens. >> since the shooting at sandy hook school there has been talk about banning assault weapons. we spoke with one gun dealer who told me sales of assault weapons have gone up 300%. >> mark, thank you. police say a comment about shoes proceeded a shooting of two high school students. police say teens were walking along a path under the tracks between lincoln and stockton avenues when two men approached them. one asked students about shoes and then, opened fire. albany high urging students to take precautions when talking -- walking to, and from school. >> water service back for residents on a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2